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Valtec Monitoring and measuring devices

Valtec Monitoring and measuring devices – special equipments which are used to control the parameters of the engineering network.

The following types of Valtec monitoring and measuring devices are included in this product group:

  • manometers;
  • thermometers;
  • thermomanometers.

Devices differ in the type of connection (it can be lateral, rear, lower or upper). They are connected to standard threaded inputs and are intended for connection to utilities with various operating temperatures and operating pressures.

Thermometers are used to measure the temperature of the pipe surface, as well as liquids and gases. Thermometers can also be used in systems with aggressive environments, if you will use a stain...
Valtec manometers are intended for visual control of pressure in systems of heating and water supply. They can also be installed on pipelines for other purposes, transporting gases and liquids non-...
Thermomanometers are special instruments that are used to simultaneously measure the temperature and gauge pressure of non-aggressive media for copper alloys. These devices are used in the insta...
This product group includes the following types of products for monitoring and measuring devices: ball valves for connecting to monitoring and measuring devices; damper tubes; immersion s...