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VALTEC Manifold kite

Manifolds is a type of plumbing fixtures which simplifies the installation of multi-circuit water heating systems (both floor and radiator with radiation wiring).

In water supply systems manifolds can reduce the mutual influence of consumers, provides equal inlet pressure.

The main advantages of using manifolds:

  • refusal to use additional fittings (control, shutoff);
  • reduction in the number of compounds;
  • facilitation of the work of designers, installers and engineers of engineering systems.

The VALTEC range includes both the manifolds and various components for them, fasteners and distributor cabinets.

VALTEC manifolds are used to distribute the flow of water or other working medium along circuits, instruments of engineering or technological installation. VALTEC manifolds can be used in heating s...
VALTEC distribution cabinets are designed for installation of manifolds or manifold kits, pump and mixing units, as well as other equipment for water supply and heating systems. They are made of...
Brackets are designed for fastening VALTEC feed and return manifolds to the bearing structure. VALTEC brackets for mounting pair of manifolds consist of a installation plate, which is fitted wit...
The following types of VALTEC radiator components are included in the product group: collector T-pieces and bends; Euroconus manifold ball valves; Adapters “Euroconus”; “Cone–surface” a...