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VALTEC Manifold kite

Manifolds is a type of plumbing fixtures which simplifies the installation of multi-circuit water heating systems (both floor and radiator with radiation wiring).

In water supply systems manifolds can reduce the mutual influence of consumers, provides equal inlet pressure.

The main advantages of using manifolds:

  • refusal to use additional fittings (control, shutoff);
  • reduction in the number of compounds;
  • facilitation of the work of designers, installers and engineers of engineering systems.

The VALTEC range includes both the manifolds and various components for them, fasteners and distributor cabinets.

Manifolds       (66 Товаров) Показать все
VALTEC Stainless-steel manifold, with center-spacing of 50mm, “euroconus”, 3 outlets, d 1", d1 3/4" [Code number: VTc.505.SS.060503]
1 481 rub
VALTEC Linear manifold with female connections, 3 outlets, d 1", d1 1/2" [Code number: VTc.550.N.0603]
1 075 rub
VALTEC Linear manifold with male connections, 2 outlets, d 3/4", d1 1/2" [Code number: VTc.500.N.0502]
605 rub
Distributor cabinets       (32 Товара) Показать все
VALTEC Attachable collector box SHRNU, 650/1300/180 mm [Code number: VTc.541.U.07]
15 210 rub
VALTEC Concealed distributor cabinet CDC, 670x760/744/125x195 mm [Code number: VTc.540.0.03]
5 296 rub
VALTEC Concealed distributor cabinet Mini (CDCM), 550/742/120x190 mm [Code number: VTc.540.M.03]
Brackets       (9 Товаров) Показать все
VALTEC Stainless steel brackets for collectors (manifolds), d 1" [Code number: VTc.130.IN.0600]
968 rub
VALTEC Brackets for manifold, steel, d 1" [Code number: VTc.130.N.0600]
596 rub
VALTEC A pair of high brackets for manifolds, steel, d 1 1/2" [Code number: VTc.130.INH.0800]
510 rub
Accessories       (15 Товаров) Показать все
VALTEC Manifold elbow connector, male-female, d 3/4", d1 1/2" [Code number: VTc.531.N.0504]
254 rub
VALTEC PEX pipe connecting fitting, d 16 (2,0) [Code number: VTc.709.N.1604]
192 rub
VALTEC Manifold T-piece, male-female-female, d 1", d1 1/2", d2 1/2" [Code number: VTc.530.N.060404]
332 rub