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Valtec VT.INOX-PRESS sealing rings of FPM

FPM sealing rings are designed to expand the scope of Valtec VT.INOX-PRESS stainless steel piping system.

As standard, the fittings of this system are supplied with EPDM synthetic rubber O-rings which allows them to be used when installing systems with the temperature of working medium up to +110 °С (emergency temperature can rise to +120 °С).

Replacing standard O-rings with FPM seals will increase the maximum operating temperature up to +150 ° C.

This type of sealing rings is recommended for installation of systems with solid fuel boiler.

VALTEC Sealing ring, FPM (Viton), d - 12 [Code number: VTi.990.I.000012]

Article: VTi.990.I.000012
Price: 12 rub

VALTEC Sealing ring, FPM (Viton), d - 15 [Code number: VTi.990.I.000015]

Article: VTi.990.I.000015
Price: 13 rub

VALTEC Sealing ring, FPM (Viton), d - 22 [Code number: VTi.990.I.000022]

Article: VTi.990.I.000022
Price: 25 rub

VALTEC Sealing ring, FPM (Viton), d - 28 [Code number: VTi.990.I.000028]

Article: VTi.990.I.000028
Price: 32 rub

VALTEC Sealing ring, FPM (Viton), d - 35 [Code number: VTi.990.I.000035]

Article: VTi.990.I.000035
Price: 41 rub

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