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Accessories for Valtec heating systems

This group of products includes various components which are used when the installation of heating and other piping systems:

  • Valtec gauges are used to visually monitor pressure in pipelines with operating temperatures of up to +110 °C. In addition they can be installed on pipelines for other purposes for transporting liquids or gases that are non-corrosive to copper alloys.
  • Automatic air vent are installed on the supply or return manifold of nodes for horizontal heating systems. The connecting size of air vent is 1/2”.
Photo Name Article Price
VALTEC Set of manometers for manifolds [Code number: VT.GP.31.0]
VT.GP.31.0 1 220 rub
VALTEC Automatic air vents for GPM manifold [Code number: VT.GPM.41.0]
VT.GPM.41.0 1 586 rub
VALTEC Automatic air vents for GPR manifold [Code number: VT.GPR.41.0]
VT.GPR.41.0 2 228 rub

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