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VALTEC threaded wall-plate elbows of brass

VALTEC wall-plate elbows are nickel-plated and threaded for connection to pipelines made of various materials.

The cylindrical female thread complies with GOST 6357 (ISO 228, EN 10226) and is compatible with male thread that comply with GOST 6211 (ISO R7).

Wall-plate elbows, as well as other VALTEC threaded fittings, are distinguished by their durability, resistance and corrosion, efficiency and safety.

VALTEC Wall-plate elbow, d - 1/2" [Code number: VTr.751.N.0004]

Article: VTr.751.N.0004
Price: 283 rub

Application purpose:

  • For cold water supply
  • For hot water
  • For heating
  • For domestic water supply systems
  • For compressed air systems
  • For technological pipelines
  • For pipelines transporting gases and liquids, non-aggressive to the fitting material
  • To create detachable threaded connections


  • Pipe cylindrical thread according to GOST 6357 (ISO 228, EN 10226)
  • Nominal pressure 17 to 40 bar
  • Execution material: hot-pressed brass of the CW 617N brand according to the EN 12165 standard
  • The maximum temperature of a working environment is up to +250 ºС


Size: 1/2"

Weight: 100 gr

Hole diameter for screws - 4.5 mm

Center distance - 35 mm

Download data sheet: VALTEC Threaded fittings VALTEC Threaded fittings

[OUT OF PRODUCTION] - VALTEC Wall-plate elbow, female-female, d - 1/2" (MINKOR) [Code number: MKr.751.Y.0004]

Article: MKr.751.Y.0004

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