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Valtec stainless steel sleeves for multilayer pipes

Valtec sleeves are special sleeves with a clip-holder and which are used when the installation of Valtec press fittings.

The sleeve is made of AISI 304 stainless steel, the clip-holder is made of PA 6 nylon.

The design of the clip-holder allows to position the press tool jaw on the connector correctly.

Compression force of sleeve should be no more than 1200 N.

Valtec multilayer systems are economical and durable. They withstand emergency temperatures up to +130 °C.

Operating pressure is 10 bar.

The average service life of pipes and fittings is 50 years.

Photo Наименование Article Цена
VALTEC Compression sleeve, d 16 [Code number: VTm.290.N.000016]
VTm.290.N.000016 38 rub
VALTEC Compression sleeve, d 20 [Code number: VTm.290.N.000020]
VTm.290.N.000020 53 rub
VALTEC Compression sleeve, d 26 [Code number: VTm.290.N.000026]
VTm.290.N.000026 75 rub
VALTEC Compression sleeve, d 32 [Code number: VTm.290.N.000032]
VTm.290.N.000032 114 rub

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