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Drains HL

The HL Company produces a lot of different drains for discharge wastewater into the sewage system. There are drains for the internal premises, for balconies and terraces, for the basement etc. Some HL drains is equipped with trap seal PRIMUS, and they can be used in those cases when discharge of wastewater is irregular, because of which the trap seal can dry which leads to the appearance of sewage odors.

Products catalog

HL major drains of Perfect series are installed in the yards mainly, and you should take into account load, which will be provided on the drains - the HL major drains can withstand load from 1.5 to...
HL drains for balconies and terraces are designed for diverting effluents into storm sewer system, and they have several major advantages: High capacity. One of the main advantages of HL drai...
The HL company produces floor drains for indoor use - they dispose effluents from the floor level. The HL floor drains have the following advantages: They are equipped with additional devices...
This products group includes HL drains for basements and technical premises. The drains for basements and technical premises are characterized by high capacity like the other HL drains. Capacity ca...
When installing shower trays prefabricated shower floor, also called shower drains, are used. HL shower drains are very easy to install and they are supplied with a trap, protection plate, hair str...
This group of products includes spare parts for HL drains with which you can expand application field of the drains. The products group includes: Strainers; O-rings; Extensions; Decorat...

The main advantages of HL drains

      • Wide choice. The HL Company offers dozens of drains for solution any problems.

      • High safety. HL drains is guaranteed protect sewage system against clogging.

      • Ease of installation. One of the main advantages of HL drains is convenience of their installation - they can install in any materials, and they are reliably fixed, and it prevents leakage or displacement. Also you can mount HL drains in the waterproofing juncture.

      • Functionality. If necessary you can connect to HL drain self-regulating electric heating cable.

Additional options

      • Vertical, horizontal and ball-joint outlet (from 0 ° to 90 °).

      • They are connected to pipes DN40-160.

      • HL drains can withstand heavy loads - from 150 kg to 15 tonnes.

      • They are equipped with various types of non-return valves, trap seal PRIMUS, water seal, frost- and drought-proof flap seal etc.

      • Cover of drain can be square or round.


The price for the HL drain can be as much as 1300 and more than 60 000 rubles. So that you can select equipment which is best suited for functionality and cost to you.

Drains Price, rub.
Major drains of "Perfect series" 8 151 - 34 416
For balconies and terraces 2 407 - 23 377
For indoor use 1 371 - 28 198
For basements 4 621 - 25 352
For shower trays 5 454 - 63 015