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Anti Flood Valves HL

Risk of flooding premises from domestic sewage is almost always and exactly because of this rooms, especially the basement or the semi-basement, should be protect from possible flooding. You can do it by using non-return valves and anti-flood valves.

Anti-flood valve of the Hutterer & Lechner Company are installed both on plumbing fixtures and sewerage pipeline. If you install anti-flood valve on sewerage pipeline, it will be separation internal sewage from the external sewerage system.

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Manual blocking       (30 Products) Показать все
Hutterer & Lechner Anti-flood valve with 2 stainless steel flap and manual blocking, DN125 [Code number: HL 712.2]
66 482 rub
Hutterer & Lechner Anti-flood valve (HL 710, HL 710.1) without casing cover [Code number: HL 710K]
32 112 rub
Hutterer & Lechner Anti-flood valve with stainless steel flap, DN110 [Code number: HL 710]
20 172 rub
Electronically        (15 Products) Показать все
Hutterer & Lechner Repair kit for anti-flood valve HL 710.2EPC [Code number: HL EPC 710.2]
272 473 rub
Hutterer & Lechner Flap cartridge motor driven for HL715.2EPC [Code number: HL 0715E.1E]
40 790 rub
Hutterer & Lechner control line extension, 20m [Code number: HL 0715E.0E]
21 264 rub

The Hutterer & Lechner Company produces two types of anti-flood valves:

  1. Mechanical.
  2. Electrical.

Mechanical anti-flood valves are made of ABS plastic and they have smooth output and socket input. Anti-flood valve have special flap made of stainless steel, some models are equipped with several flaps. Anti-flood valves are equipped with special hatches for their maintenance.

Anti-flood valves with electric drive are exploited in automatic mode, ie without any human intervention. All anti-flood valves with electric drive is double chamber - the first flap has an electric drive and the second flap is mechanical.

The Hutterer & Lechner Company also produces non-return valves, and they are installed on pipes which waste water do not contain fecal matter. Non-return valves are used for protection one or more sanitary devices.