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Toilet products HL

The Hutterer & Lechner Company produces variety of equipment for connecting toilets and sewer pipes. The toilet products have the following advantages:

  • Full tightness - the products DN90/110 suitable for all sewage equipment and provide full tightness;
  • Flexibility - often when installing toilet the axis of its release slight offset in relation to the sewage pipe, and the HL Company produces eccentric pan connectors specifically for similar cases;
  • Long service life - the HL Company uses high-quality seal. You can replace the toilet products if necessary.
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Hutterer & Lechner WC-rosette, white, 2-pieces, DN110 [Code number: HL 7.WE]
1 485 rub
Hutterer & Lechner Pan connector 90°, with lip seal, with backup ring and lot-cover, DN90/110 [Code number: HL 225/90]
3 120 rub
Hutterer & Lechner Pan connector with anti flood flap valve, DN110 [Code number: HL 703]
20 576 rub