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Underfloor heating Viega Fonterra

Viega Fonterra is a underfloor heating system that fully satisfies the modern requirements for comfortable living.

Underfloor heating, in contrast to conventional radiators, allows the even distribution of warm air throughout the entire area of ​​room, which improves the conditions for optimal air speed (studies have shown that the most comfortable is the air speed not exceeding 0.15 m/s).

No less important advantage of underfloor heating is the full design and architectural freedom in interior design.

Viega Fonterra consists of heating pipes which are made of polybutylene with an anti-diffusion layer and base snap plates with pipe clamps.

Main advantages:

  • Base snap plates with thermal insulation or without it;
  • Diagonal mounting of pipes does not require the use of additional components;
  • Improved hydraulic characteristics;
  • Minimum laying pitch is 5.5 cm;
  • Pipes have an anti-oxygen coating;
  • Complete waterproofing of base snap plates.
Viega Fonterra polybutylene pipes are characterized by increased flexibility and superior hydraulic characteristics. Pipes are mounting on special base snap plates - diagonal or straight mountin...
Viega Fonterra connection screw fittings are used for installation of underfloor heating systems. They are made of nickel-plated brass. They are used for connection the pipes of underfloor heating ...
Viega Fonterra press couplings are used for connection pipes of the underfloor heating system, if it necessary. Installation is fast and reliable.
Viega Fonterra manifolds are made of stainless steel. The pipes can be connected manifold with using euroconnects. The manifold is mounted on the wall for which should be used the fastening elem...
Viega Fonterra ball valves are used for installation of underfloor heating systems and are mounted on manifolds. They allow to regulate operation of heating system. Ball valves are made of nicke...
This group of products includes: Base Snap plates which are used for installation the Viega Fonterra underfloor heating system; Room thermostat which is necessary for precise adjustment of ...