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Viega Profipress mounting units for connection valves

Viega Profipress mounting units are used to connect the valve when installing the pipeline system.

They represent a bracket with pre-mounted wall elbows or wall tees.

A special mounting panel for connection of the gas meter is included in the product group.

VIEGA Profipress Mounting unit, depth gauge 100 мм, d 15, Rp 1/2" [Code number: 308674]

Article: 308674
Price: 2 970 rub

VIEGA Profipress Mounting unit, 150 mm, d 15 х 1/2" [Code number: 308681]

Article: 308681
Price: 2 911 rub

Application purpose:

  • For potable water installation
  • For heating installation
  • For cooling systems
  • For systems of technical and medical gases


  • with SC‑Contur
  • press connectors, Rp-​threads


  • EPDM sealing element
  • short gunmetal or silicon bronze elbow
  • galvanised steel (flat) mounting bracket
d Rp МР Z1 Z2 L1 L2 L3 L4 L5 L6
mm   mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm
15 1/2" 150 24 12 46 22 17 25 50 150

МР - depth gauge

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