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Suppoting tubes of PAM-GLOBAL PLUS system

Suppoting tubes of PAM-GLOBAL PLUS system are made of cast iron, so they belong to the class of fire safety A1. The suppoting tubes are protected special coating - it increases their resistance to chemicals and reagents (see. table), so that they can be use in hospitals, food industries and chemical plants, as well as they are recommended for installation below ground.

The another advantages of the suppoting tubes are their durability and high sound insulation, so that the products are exploited almost noiseless. Also the suppoting tubes of PAM-GLOBAL PLUS system are characterized by insensitivity to heat and cold, that is they have a low coefficient of thermal expansion and so PAM-GLOBAL PLUS system can be concreted.

You should use cantilevers when installing the suppoting tubes.

Suppoting tube PAM-GLOBAL® Plus

Nominal internal diameter D Weight Code number
DN mm kg  
100 145 2,3 155230
125 170 3,0 155256
150 195 4,0 155272
200 245 5,9 155286

PAM-GLOBAL® Plus Stack support pipe

Nominal internal diameter L a b c d e Ø ext Weight Code number
DN               kg  
100 220 214 259 32 20 8 162 4,25 171912

Dimensions are presented in mm

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