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Couplings PAM-GLOBAL Rapid S

Rapid S couplings are designed for PAM-GLOBAL SML systems. The kit includes a sealing gasket made of EPDM, and it is resistant to aging and high temperatures. Also kit includes hex bolt M 8 (M 10 for DN200) - it provides reliable, fast and durable fixation. PAM-GLOBAL Rapid S couplings are made of stainless steel 1.4510/11 according with DIN EN 10088 (AISI 430 Ti / 439), so that they can be used for mounting pipeline which are exposed to external environment.

The Rapid S coupling has optimized shape, so that pipes and fittings are connected as closely as possible without any deviations.

The couplings are mounted with a single screw. You no need control torque. The nut is fixed, and it has not touching with the coupling profile, so that you do not damage the clamp when tightening the nut.

The Rapid S coupling is used for pipelines with internal pressure of 0.5 bar. Also if you use the Rapid S coupling together with Unigrip grip collar, you will can installation the Rapid S coupling on pipelines with pressure up to 10 bar DN50-125 and up to 5 bar DN150-200.

You can see prices for Rapid S couplings in our price list.


Nominal internal diameter D H L Code number
DN mm mm mm  
50 70 80 42 210424
70* 85 98 42 210425
80 90 103 42 210426
100 125 139 48 210427
125 147 161 56 210428
150 172 187 56 210429
200 223 240 70 210430
250 290 315 95 228759
300 350 375 95 228771

*Diametr 80 gradually replace diametr 70

Current requirements for connecting elements

Installation manual for connecting element PAM-GLOBAL RAPID-S-W2

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