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Flange fittings of PAM-GLOBAL SML system

Transitive flanges of PAM-GLOBAL SML system are made of cast iron, and they are highly resistant to mechanical stress.

SML Sewerage systems, for which are made the transition flanges, are known for more than 40 years. Since that time SML sewerage gained the reputation the most cost-effective, easy to use and reliable system.

Transitive flanges of PAM-GLOBAL SML system also are characterized by fire resistance, durability, higher sound insulation, resistance to various effluents and environmental safety.

You can see prices for flanges of PAM-GLOBAL S system in our price list.

Transitive flange PAM-GLOBAL® S for pressure system

Nominal internal diameter D1 D2 B K Bolt Weight Code number
DN         8 pcs kg  
100 220 18 24 180 М16 6,8 155840
125 250 18 26 210 М16 8,0 155890
150 285 22 26 240 М20 12,3 155920
200 340 22 26 295 М20 16,2 155941

L = 150 mm

Dimensions are presented in mm

*Diameter 80 gradually replace diameter 70

PAM-GLOBAL® S Iron flange fitting for roof penetration

To reliable the installation ventilation pipes through the roof, you should use the specially designed element - PAM-GLOBAL® S Iron flange fitting for roof penetration.

Profile seal is inserted between the pipe and flange fitting for roof penetration so that the flange fitting is waterproof. The flange fitting is produced with sealing ring made of EPDM or NBR.

The first flange fitting is installed under the roof insulation layer, and the second flange fitting - above the roof insulation layer. Accordingly the first flange fitting "clamps" еру vapor barrier and the second flange fitting "clamps" waterproofing layer, be it polymer or bituminous.

Nominal internal diameter D d Lk Ø h Weight Code number
DN mm mm mm mm kg  
80 286 135 215 60 6,1 205922
100 324 158 246 60 6,6 205924
125 349 188 271 60 7,5 205925

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