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Pipes of PAM-GLOBAL SML system

Pipes of PAM-GLOBAL SML system from the SAINT-GOBAIN Group are made of cast iron, so in case of fire they do not emit toxic substances, also they have high fire resistance. Cast iron pipes are highly resistant to corrosion and virtually silent in operation. The pipes are characterized by equable wall thickness because they are manufactured by centrifugal casting De Lavaux, also walls of pipes not fragile.

PAM-GLOBAL pipes vary in size nominal or inner diameter, so the pipe with inner diameter od 100 mm has outer diameter of 110 mm.

You can see prices for PAM-GLOBAL S pipes in our price list.

Cast Iron Pipe PAM-GLOBAL® S

Pipes PAM-GLOBAL® are made of cast iron with vermicular graphite, the de Lavaux method of centrifugal cast. Internal covering consists of epoxy resin, outside the surface is grounded with acrylic lacquer. Such pipes have a good sound insulation, are not combustible and do not release toxic materials. Among the advantages of the product should be mention the fact that the pipes for disposal have a low coefficient of thermal expansion, which facilitates the process of concreting.

Nominal internal diameter Length Weight Code number
DN m whole pipe weight, kg filled pipe weight, approximately kg/m  
50 3 12,5 6,4 156361
70* 3 17,7 9,9 156454
80 3 18,3 10,6 156550
100 3 24,3 16,7 156561
125 3 34,3 24,5 156734
150 3 40,9 32,2 156825
200 3 67,4 54,5 156949
250 3 97,3 87,6 157048
300 3 126,8 120,6 157113
400 3 177,70 193,3 157171
Additional information
Nominal internal diameter External diameter Pipe wall thickness Pipe wall thickness Surface,
DN DE permissible variation е permissible variation t m2 for each running meter
50 58 +2/-1 3,5 -0,5 30 0,18
70* 78 +2/-1 3,5 -0,5 35 0,25
80 83 +2/-1 3,5 -0,5 35 0,26
100 110 +2/-1 3,5 -0,5 40 0,35
125 135 +2/-2 4,0 -0,5 45 0,42
150 160 +2/-2 4,0 -0,5 50 0,50
200 210 +2,5/-2,5 5,0 -1,0 60 0,65
250 274 +2,5/-2,5 5,5 -1,0 70 0,85
300 326 +2,5/-2,5 6,0 -1,0 80 1,02
400 429 +2/-3,0 6,3 1,3 80 1,34

Dimensions are presented in mm

* Diameter 80 gradually replace diameter 70

Pipes installation manual (MLAR)

Cast iron socketless pipes for SML drainage systems

Production of pipes

The SAINT-GOBAIN РАМ Company is the leader among manufacturers of this type of products, and the company produces cast iron socketless pipes by the method of "de Lavaux". This technique is a unique, it is special method of iron casting which provides improved mechanical properties of material, in particular tensile strength and compressive strength are improved. The products can be cut easily because they have low Brinell hardness.

External coating

Protective characteristics of PAM GLOBAL S pipes are provided with special properties of external coating - they are covered by acrylic paint 40 μm. It gives the system high resistance to external environment. SAINT-GOBAIN PAM work to improve resistance of the external coating of products to liquids of different composition.

Result: guaranteed service life of Pam Global cast-iron pipes has increased significantly and it is 50 years old.

Inner coating

Inner lining of Pam Global SML pipes is epoxy resin coating (thickness of 130 microns). Applied technology provides minimal formation of deposits and incrustations on the inner walls and, consequently, diameter of pipeline is reduced minimal, so that capacity is retained at high level. All SML drainage pipes and fittings have high resistance to corrosion and mechanical damage.

Note: characteristics of the cast-iron pipe exceed the EN 877 standard.

Prices for Pam Global S pipe

Purchase the cast iron socketless pipes is economically justified, despite the fact that the price of Pam Global SML pipes a little bit higher than prices of other pipes. The point is that Pam Global drainage system does not require additional costs to increase resistance to fire, to decrease noise generation, to protect from rodents etc. Besides the Pam Global S pipes are installed quickly and easily - it increases the speed of installation but also it reduces the subsequent costs.

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