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Sinikon Universal caps

Sinikon Universal caps are suitable for use in domestic and outdoor drainage systems, as well as for rainwater systems. They are designed to close the dead end section of the pipeline.

They are made of polypropylene in accordance with the Russian quality standard GOST 32414-2013.

Connection type: socket.

Article Diameter
524007.U 110
524011.U 160

SINIKON Universal Cap for outdoor sewage, PP, d - 110 [Code number: 524007.U]

Article: 524007.U
Price: 62 rub

Application purposes:

  • For domestic drainage system
  • For outdoor drainage system
  • For storm water drainage system
  • For closing of pipeline dead ends

Material: homopolymer of propylene PP-H

Warranty: 20 years

Maximum continuous temperature of waste water: +80 °С

Maximum short-term of waste water: +95 °С

Service life: not less than 50 years

d Colour
110 brown

SINICON Universal Plug, PP, d - 160 [Code number: 524011.U]

Article: 524011.U
Price: 110 rub

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