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Sinikon Universal access pipes

Access pipe is an important element of the drainage system which allows monitor the condition of the pipeline.

Sinikon Universal access pipes are made of high-quality polypropylene, they are resistant to corrosion and aggressive environments. They are durable - the service life is at least 50 years.

The installation is simple and does not require the use of special tools.

Connection type: socket.

They are suitable for installation in both internal and external sewer systems.

Article Diameter
516007.U 110
516011.U 160

SINIKON Universal Access pipe for outdoor sewage, PP, d - 110 [Code number: 516007.U]

Article: 516007.U
Price: 320 rub

Application purposes:

  • For domestic drainage system
  • For outdoor drainage system
  • For storm water drainage system
  • For pipeline inspection

Material: homopolymer of propylene PP-H

Warranty: 20 years

Maximum continuous temperature of waste water: +80 °С

Maximum short-term of waste water: +95 °С

Service life: not less than 50 years

d Colour
110 brown

SINIKON Universal Access pipe, PP, d - 160 [Code number: 516011.U]

Article: 516011.U
Price: 1 108 rub

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