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Sinikon Comfort sockets

Synicon Comfort expansion sockets are used in those cases when it is required to compensate for linear expansion.

They are made of modern polymeric material which is reinforced with mineral additives, so that it is more heat resistant (melting point is +250 °C). Pipes are light, durable, not corroded.

For installation of internal sewer systems in buildings with increased requirements for sound insulation.

Color: white.

Connection type: socket.

Article Diameter
531011.K 110

SINICON Comfort Plus Expansion socket, tripled, d - 50 [Code number: 531003.K]

Article: 531003.K
Price: 143 rub

SINIKON Comfort Plus Expansion socket, quadruple length, PP, d - 110 [Code number: 531011.K]

Article: 531011.K
Price: 304 rub

Application purposes:

  • For domestic drainage system
  • For buildings with increased noise insulation requirements

Material: homopolymer of propylene PP-H with mineral additives

Warranty: 20 years

Coefficient of linear expansion: 0,15 mm/m °С

Maximum working temperature: +80 °С

d L Colour
mm mm  
110 245 white

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