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Press jaws and press collars for Novopress pressing tools

Pressing with Novopress pressing tools requires the use of additional equipment - press jaws and press collars.

The main advantages of press jaws and press collars:

  • One hand operation;
  • Optimized outline for minimal space requirements;
  • Pressing pipes with diameters from 12 to 108 mm.
Press jaws       (145 Товаров) Показать все
Novopress Adapter ZB324 for collar NP, d 108-2 [Code number: 44375-50]
70 347 rub
Novopress Press jaws, type PB1, M profile, with laser engraved, d 15mm [Code number: 48044-50]
12 613 rub
Novopress Press collar, type PB2, MP profile, used with ZB203, d 1"1/2 [Code number: 48315-50]
52 807 rub
Press collars       (38 Товаров) Показать все
Novopress Press collar, V profile, d 54mm [Code number: 44514-50]
67 835 rub
Novopress Press collar PSL, M profile, d 108mm [Code number: 44347-50]
130 644 rub
Novopress Press collar, V profile, snap on (used with adapter ZB202 and tools from compatible type), for VIEGA ProfiPress XL (copper), PressTabo XL (stainless steel) and IBP System B-Press XL, d 64 [Code number: 49401-50]
57 032 rub