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Additional assortment for Ostendorf pipeline

The additional range of Ostendorf includes the following elements:

  • Drains;
  • Combined bends with additional inlets;
  • Double branches;
  • Pull-out protections which can be used with different Ostendorf systems;
  • Connection pipes;
  • Non-return valves;
  • Fire protection sleeves etc.

All the additional range is manufactured from high quality materials and meet the highest requirements for safety and hygiene.

This group of products includes the following Ostendorf products: Сombined bends which are equipped with additional inlets on left or right, from back or top, some combined bends are equipped...
Ostendorf pipe crosses are used when installation of drainage systems. They are painted in gray. They are used for connection two additional branches to the main pipe. Range of diameters varies ...
Ostendorf drains are used for diversion of effluents. The diameter range varies from 50 to 110 mm. Drains are made of high quality materials. They have an attractive design. The size of gr...
The product group includes the following Ostendorf products: Fire protection sleeves wich are used for prevention the spread of smoke and fire through the pipeline system; WC connection pie...