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Ostendorf KG outer flared drainage system

Ostendorf KG outer drainage system is characterized by high durability, reliability and resistance to chemically active environments. This pipeline system is one of the most environmentally friendly on the market also.

It is made of polyvinyl chloride without plasticizers and fillers.

Connection is flared.

The system can be used:

  • For mounting inside buildings;
  • For installation in wall slots, in floor slabs;
  • For installation with laying under the ground;
  • For mounting under the ground outside buildings.

Main advantages of the system:

  • Elasticity;
  • Strength;
  • Stability;
  • Resistance to chemically aggressive effluents;
  • Wear resistance;
  • Withstands pressure up to 0.5 bar;
  • Ring stiffness SN4 and SN8;
  • Insensitivity to subsidence of the soil;
  • Full tightness of joints;
  • Optimal hydraulic characteristics;
  • Quick and inexpensive installation;
  • Service life up to 100 years.

The system is suitable for effluents with a temperature of up to +45 °C if the diameter of pipeline does not exceed 400 mm, and up to +35 °C with diameter greater than 400 mm.

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