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Ostendorf Plug-in socket

Ostendorf PP plug-in socket with a diameter of 110 mm is also called a socket reducing agent and is used in cases when for some reason the socket of a pipe of the corresponding diameter has been destroyed, for example, it was cut or split. Also, the socket can be used in the redevelopment of sewer systems when it is necessary to alter the walled sewer.

The installation of the Ostendorf PP plug-in socket d 110 is very simple:

  1. The edge of the cut pipe is processed from burrs.
  2. Seal lubricated with special grease.
  3. Plug-in socket is inserted into the pipe.

Ostendorf HT Plug-in socket HTSM, PP-H, d - 110/110 [Code number: 115750]

Article: 115750
Price: 1 200 rub

Application purpose:

  • For drainage systems
  • For rainwater systems
  • For ventilation systems

Colour: gray

Material: Polypropylene (PP-H).

DN d1 d2 d3 h
mm mm mm mm mm
110/110 90 111,5 126,7 108

Download the installation instructions of product: 115750 HT Plug-in socket

Chemical resistance of: Chemical resistance HT system

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