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Cutters for steel, copper and plastic pipes

The Exact Tools Company, based in Finland, have in the pipe cutting system market for a long time. The company produces electric pipe cutters, blades for Exact pipe cutters, bevel systems for plastic pipes and comfortable portable workbenches for capturing pipes during cutting.

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Cutter Exact       (21 Products) Показать все
Exact PipeCut 170 System for pipes DN15-170 mm, 1010 Wt, complete with blade TCT, 4 x pipe supports
83 725 rub
Pipe cutter EXACT for plastic pipes P1000, Cutting range Ø (OD) 60 - 1000mm. Maximum pipe wall thickness 75mm, 1600W, 11.5kg, complete with disc TST 190, bag
183 218 rub
EXACT PipeCut 220 Pro Series pipe cutter, cutting range 20-220mm, cutting thickness 16mm steel, 35mm plastic, 1600W, 11.5kg, includes TST disc 140mm, roller supports 4 pcs, bag
221 468 rub
Blades Exact       (23 Products) Показать все
Exact Cermet X140 Blade for stainless steel pipes (price by request)
Exact Cermet THIN 140 blade for PipeCut 170 Battery
7 565 rub
Exact DIAMONDCut+Bevel 140 blade for Exact PipeCut+Bevel 170E
20 825 rub
Benches for cutting       (10 Products) Показать все
PipeBench 170 work table (price by request)
Exact Pipe Bench 220 complete set with 3 cutting legs, 1 chain vise
38 505 rub
PipeBench 170 chip tray (price by request)
PCS pipe cutters       (1 Product) Показать все
Pipe cutting system PCS 1500 for all pipes DN 70-150, with laser-like precision (price by request)
Exact Bevel tools       (8 Products) Показать все
Exact Head 45˚ for bevel tool, without blades
35 955 rub
Exact Pipe Beveller 360E deburring tool
230 520 rub
Exact Head 30˚ for bevel tool, without blades
35 955 rub

Exact PipeCut Systems

You need pipe cutting for mounting of sewerage system, and you should use a pipe cutter for this. Now the market offers variety of tools for pipe cutting. So, you can buy a pipe cutter for steel, copper or plastic pipes. However, it purchase is wasteful because the Exact Tools Oy Company developed the unique electrical pipe cutters for all pipes and materials.

Exact pipe cutters is easy and safe to use tool for quick and easy cutting of pipes. This tool can use in the confined spaces. The dust from cutting of metal pipes cools very quickly and it does not scatter over long distances. Optimal price is another important advantage Exact pipe cutters, and it purchase gets even more profitable because you do not need buy special pipe cutter for pipes made of polypropylene or other material, and you do not needed the special training of pipeworkers working with Exact pipe cutter.

Exact Blades

Exact pipe cutter for stainless steel and metal pipes cut pipes using special blades. Exact blades are intended for various pipe materials and various Exact PipeCut Systems - if you right select of Exact blade, you will achieve the best result.

TCT blades are designed for cutting steel, copper and plastic pipes. CERMET blades are used for cutting copper, steel, plastic, stainless steel, thin-walled steel, acid-resistant steel and ventilation pipes. ALU blades are used for cutting aluminum. Diamond blades are designed for cutting cast iron, fiberglass and cast iron with a concrete layer or spheroidal graphite.

Exact PipeBench

Workbenches PipeBench 170 may be required for assembly work. PipeBench 170 is comfortably used with Exact PipeCut System, and it is very light, so you can take the workbench with you wherever you go. PipeBench 170 can be supplied with pipe supports, chain wice, chip tray, tool bag and work table.

Especially for plastic pipes the Exact Tools Oy Company produces Exact Bevel Disc - it is adjustable hand tool for bevelling plastic pipes with diameters ranging from 60 to 125 mm. The device is tilted at angle of 15 degrees. Process of beveling with this tool takes only a few seconds.