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SAINT-GOBAIN PAM repair and connecting fittings

SAINT-GOBAIN PAM repair and connecting fittings for drinking water supply networks are of the highest quality and are suitable for pipes made of various materials.

Flanged adapters and couplings are available which are used to connect and repair pipes with wide ranges of diameters.

Main advantages:

  • Wide crimping range. The crimping range for UltraLink couplings and UltraQuick adapters is greater than for analogs - up to 30 mm.
  • Angular deviation. The special design of couplings and adapters with an angular deviation of 6° on each side allows you to mount valves even in the most cramped conditions.
  • UltraQuick flange adapters have a universal reaming PN10 / 16 and special grooves for laying.
  • European quality.
DCS - double compensation spigot. This type of mechanical fitting is used to join two pipe sections without welding. And this name is most often used in the Russian market to refer of couplings. ...
PFCS (pipe flange compensating socket) is a type of mechanical fitting wich is used for connection between a flanged item and a spigot end pipe or tube. This type of fitting is used not only for...