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Pipe Cutting System for cutting of pipes in virtually inaccessible locations

Pipe Cutting System is a revolutionary pipe cutter for cutting pipes in virtually inaccessible locations, for example, in corners or when several pipes are too closely aligned. Pipe Cutting System is suitable for water and gas pipelines, ventilation and drainage systems, and for all types of pipes.

The main advantages of PCS:

  • PCS will save you several hours of valuable installation tim;
  • PCS easily cuts through all types of piping materials;
  • Walls, ceilings and floors now only need to be opened by a small fraction;
  • Section cuts can be performed just above and below ceilings and floors;
  • PCS automatically ensures right-angled cuts by default.

Cutting blade of the PCS is a metal disk with diamond teeth. The cutting blade does not wear during cutting, while its size is only slightly greater than the diameter of pipe to be cut.

Pipe cutting system PCS 1500 for all pipes DN 70-150, with laser-like precision (price by request)

Article: 10221
The range of cutting Power The diameter of the disc
mm Wt mm
70-150 1500 115

Pipe cutting system PCS 1500 consists of:

  • Pipe cutter PCS 1500 Wt;
  • Diamond Cutting Disc 115 mm;
  • Diamond-point bit 76мм with fastening;
  • Housing 70 - 100 mm;
  • Hand tool for mounting disk and the point bit.

View: PCS 1500 presentation video PCS 1500 presentation video

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