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OGRAX fire collars

Passive fire protection is an important aspect of building fire protection. And precisely for this purpose fire collars are created which are mounted along the pipelines - during fires they help to block the spread of fire.

OGRAX fire protection is made of high quality materials. Collars meet the highest standards and have earned consumer confidence over the years in the market.

Fire collars can be divided into two types:

  • collars with metal housing;
  • collars from a fire cuff with a lock.

The first ones are a metal frame with a lock in which an insert of thermally expanding material based on oxidized graphite OGRAX® is located.

The second type of collars is shut-off protective devices based on fire-prevention thermally expanding tape cuff OGRAX®-L3. Refractory silica fabric backing.

In our catalog you can familiarize yourself with the line of the first type of fire-prevention - OGRAX-PM fire collars which are rigidly fastened with bolts on the wall or ceiling.

OGRAX-PM fire collars are rigidly fastened with bolts on the wall or ceiling, they can be installed on already installed pipelines. Under the influence of high temperature (more than +220 °C), t...