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Viking Johnson UltraGrip connecting fittings

The Viking Johnson UltraGrip connecting fittings include a mechanism that accepts the ultimate load and provides a secure fit and tube seal. Fittings are suitable for connecting pipes from various materials, for example, gray and malleable cast iron, steel, polyethylene, PVC, etc.

Viking Johnson UltraGrip fittings are mounted on polyethylene and thin-walled PVC pipes using an internal stainless steel support sleeve.

Viking Johnson UltraGrip fittings are equipped with an improved abrasive collet clamping mechanism, which increases the clamping force with increasing pressure in the pipe.

The clamping rings are removable, making Viking Johnson UltraGrip fittings adaptive.

Couplings and flanges are designed for large tolerances on the outer diameter - up to 44 mm.

The sealing sleeve has a unique design - thanks to its special profile, it provides reliable sealing even on rough and corroded pipes.

Another important advantage is the simple and convenient installation of connecting fittings. They are also equipped with reversible captive bolts, the tightening of which requires only a one-sided wrench. The bolts are reversed.

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