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Hauraton drainage solutions for domastic and landscaping

Garden design and landscaping make special demands on drainage systems - drainage channels should fit into the garden design optimally. The Hauraton Company has developed several drainage solutions for landscaping - the systems suit for residential buildings and public areas where appearance of channels is important. Channels certificed according to DIN EN 1433.

The main advantages of Hauraton channels for landscaping:

  • Use only high-quality materials, such as recycled polypropylene;
  • Low weight;
  • Easy to transport and install;
  • Highest stability.

A more complete description is at the bottom of the page.

Channels       (155 Products) Показать все
Hauraton DACHFIX RESIST Channel type 45 with slotted grating galvanised, SW 80/9, 1000x115x45 mm (price on request) [Code number: 63130]
Hauraton DACHFIX RESIST Channel type 45 with mesh grating, galvanised, MW 30/10, 1000x115x45 mm (price on request) [Code number: 63150]
Hauraton DACHFIX RESIST Channel type 75 with mesh grating MW 30/10, galvanised, 1000x115x75 mm (price on request) [Code number: 63050]
Combined channels       (399 Products) Показать все
Hauraton RECYFIX PLUS 100 Trafficable, type 01 with slotted grating SW 9, locked, stainless steel, 1000x147x135 mm (price on request) [Code number: 41400]
Hauraton DACHFIX STEEL Cross-intersection channel, stainless steel, 1000x70x30 mm (price on request) [Code number: 60801]
Hauraton DACHFIX STEEL Cross-intersection channel, galvanised, 1000x70x30 mm (price on request) [Code number: 60800]
Slotted Channels       (78 Products) Показать все
Hauraton Slotted Cover 100, class D 400, Access cover symmetric, stainless steel, 500x160x204 mm (price on request) [Code number: 5896]
Hauraton Slotted Cover 100, Asymmetric, class D 400, stainless steel, 1000x160x232 mm (price on request) [Code number: 5875]
Hauraton Slotted Channel shallow depth, stainless steel (price on request) [Code number: 32200]
Point drainage       (19 Products) Показать все
Hauraton RECYFIX POINT 30/30 Upper part for point drainage, class B 125, 300x300x120 mm (price on request) [Code number: 178]
Hauraton DACHFIX POINT Gully extension type 2 with mesh grating MW 30/10, galvanised, 400x400x70 - 100 mm (price on request) [Code number: 60591]
Hauraton FASERFIX POINT STANDARD 40/40 Point drainage, class A 15, 2 parts, with mesh grating MW 30/30, galvanised, 400x400x988 mm (price on request) [Code number: 4860]
Gratings       (62 Products) Показать все
Hauraton stainless steel longitudinal grating, class А15 (price on request) [Code number: 60905 (H)]
Hauraton DACHFIX RESIST 115 Slotted grating, 1000x108x20 mm (price on request) [Code number: 69026]
Hauraton DACHFIX RESIST 115 Longitudinal slot grating made of PP, silver, 500x108x20 mm (price on request) [Code number: 63010]
Trash boxes       (112 Products) Показать все
Hauraton RECYFIX PRO 100 Trash box with PE mud bucket and slotted grating SW 80/10, cl. C 250, locked, stainless steel, 500x160x504 mm (price on request) [Code number: 47088]
Hauraton RECYFIX PLUS 150 Trash box with slotted grating, cl. A 15, galvanised, 500x202x501 mm (price on request) [Code number: 41055]
Hauraton RECYFIX PLUS 200 Trash box with ductile iron grating SW 20, black, cl. C 250, locked, 500x247x735 mm (price on request) [Code number: 40754]
End caps       (66 Products) Показать все
Hauraton DACHFIX STEEL End cap, type 45, closed (price on request) [Code number: 65019]
Hauraton RECYFIX STANDARD 300 End cap with horizontal UPVC-outlet DN 200, galvanised, type 010 (price on request) [Code number: 40891]
Hauraton RECYFIX PLUS 100 End cap closed, made of PP, for type 60 [Code number: 40284]
Borders       (3 Products) Показать все
Hauraton LINEFIX STANDARD Border, made of PP, 1500x80x45 mm [Code number: 43110]
Hauraton LINEFIX SUPER Border, galvanised, 1500x20x175 mm [Code number: 43210]
Hauraton LINEFIX SUPER Border, stainless steel, 1500x20x175 mm (price on request) [Code number: 43230]
Turf reinforcements       (3 Products) Показать все
Hauraton RECYFIX GREEN STANDARD Turf reinforcement, made of HD-PE, green, 387x334x38 mm [Code number: 40000]
Hauraton RECYFIX GREEN SUPER Turf reinforcement, made of PE, black, 600x400x75 mm [Code number: 40060]
Sealing       (6 Products) Показать все
Hauraton Sealing material Masterflex 700 FR Gun Grade cartridge 450 ml (price on request) [Code number: 19000]
Hauraton RECYFIX PRO 100 Sealing material SikaBond TS Fast, 600 ml, tubular bag, black (price on request) [Code number: 6890]
Hauraton RECYFIX PLUS 100 primer, 250 ml (price on request) [Code number: 19054]
Accessories       (122 Products) Показать все
Hauraton DACHFIX STEEL 205 Height adjusting set, type 75, 100, 150 galvanised (2 pieces per metre required) (price on request) [Code number: 65579]
Hauraton DACHFIX STEEL Locking handle set with bolt for mesh grating and longitudinal grating made of PP (price on request) [Code number: 69143]
Hauraton Looking handle М8 х 30 (price on request) [Code number: 99950]

Drainage solutions for domastic and landscaping:

  • RECYFIX PRO - channels are made of high density polyethylene. Grating support is made of 100 % recycled composite. The channel and grating support are corrosion-free. The system is used FIBRETEC slotted grating which is hydraulically optimized. Load class up to C250. The channels are equipped with special ridges which are intended to stop any lateral movement. The channels are characterized by fast installation and resistance to all weather conditions.
  • RECYFIX PLUS - it is drainage system with sophisticated look for public and commercial areas. Channel body is made of high-strength polyethylene, and channel are equipped with torsion-resistant rips and steel frames for high stability. The frames are made of galvanised or stainless steel, and the frames are corrosion-protected. The channels have ridges to stop any lateral movement. The channels are characterized by high resistance against frost, de-icing salt and UV rays.
  • RECYFIX STANDARD - it is drainage channel for domestic applications around the house and garden. The channels are characterized by low weight, high stability and functionality. The nominal channel sizes ranging from 100 to 300 mm. The channels are equipped with vertical and horizontal preformed outlets. Gratings are durable, loading classes A 15 up to C 250. The channels are resistant to frost, heat and moisture.
  • Slotted Channel are used for drainage of areas with architectural demands. Slotted channels are characterized by the fact that only the slot (narrow line) are visible on the surface. Cover removable which ensures easy access to the channel. Slotted gratings are made of galvanised or stainless steel.
  • RECYFIX POINT - it is point drainage for yards, garages and patios. The drainage system is characterized by low weight for easy transport and installation. It can be connected to sewage pipes. There is a high drainage capacity.
  • FASERFIX POINT STANDARD – rain receivers of the point drainage system, made of fiber-reinforced concrete, are used for courtyards, driveways and playgrounds. Can be connected to any sewer pipes, easy to install. They are supplied complete with a hydraulic lock and a garbage collection basket.
  • DACHFIX - it is reliable water retention system for terraces, facades and flat roofs. It can be used as backwater reserve for abruptly accumulated water quantities. The system provides horizontal and vertical drainage. Also the system protects elements of walls, doors and windows. It is characterized by easy assembly (tongue and groove system for straight installation) and resistance to corrosion. It is durable.
  • RECYFIX GREEN - turf honeycombs are made of 100% recycled material with very high flexibility. The turf honeycombs preserve natural seepage areas during the progressive sealing of land or create new ones.
  • LINEFIX - inconspicuous borders are intended for garden and park areas. The borders easy to install without digging a trench. They are visually unobtrusive. The can be installed in straight lines or in curves and bends.
  • TOP X - it is drainage channel for private driveways, courtyards, patios and gardens. The channels are easy to transport and quick to install. Graiting of channel can be slotted or mesh.