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Phoenix fire collars

Phoenix PPM fire collars are made on modern equipment by highly qualified production.

They are used to prevent the spread of fire and combustion products through the passage of pipes through walls and floors. It is installed on the pipeline at the point of its intersection with the ceiling or wall.

The detachable housing of fire collar is made of stainless steel. There is a liner of thermally expanding material inside the housing which expands dozens of times with a sharp increase in temperature. Due to the thermal expansion of flame retardant material “penoxox” is formed which fills the internal cavity of the collar which leads to pinching of the pipe and an opening in the wall or floor floor.

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Phoenix PPM Fire collar, d 20 (price on request) [Code number: ppm_20]
Phoenix PPM Fire collar, d 50 (price on request) [Code number: ppm_50]
Phoenix PPM Fire collar, d 110 (price on request) [Code number: ppm_110]