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Hauraton Sportfix water jump aluminium and hurdles

Water jump for steeplechases consists of 3 wall panels which are made of aluminum double hollow profiles. The rear wall has two grooves for installation of hurdle. There is also a shaft which can be used for additional water fittings, for example, for the pump.

The water jump is meets the requirements of the IAAF and DIN 18035, part 8.

Also the group of products includes SPORTFIX hurdles made of high-quality aluminum and have a wodden cross bar. The height hurdles can be adjustable in accordance with international standards: 0.762 m for women and 0.914 m for men. The kit consists of four hurdles.

Hauraton SPORTFIX Water jump kit, 3-piece, with white soft profiles, DN 70 plastic outlet, steel connecting piece and galvanised steel pull-off rails [Code number: 7262]

Article: 7262

Hauraton SPORTFIX Water jump aluminium, 3850x4440x678 mm [Code number: 7150]

Article: 7150
Цена: 978 954 rub

Hauraton SPORTFIX Hurdles for steeplechase, set of 4 pieces, 1200x3960x914 mm [Code number: 7154]

Article: 7154
Цена: 817 728 rub

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