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Hauraton Sportfix distribution shafts for stadiums

SPORTFIX Type E distribution shafts are used to accommodate electrical and communications cables. It is connected with pipes DN70/100. Grating of the distribution shaft is made of galvanized tread plate, it can support the weight of a vehicle.

Type W distribution shafts are used for fittings, instrumentations and drainpipes on the sports ground. It is connected with pipes DN70/100. With removable galvanized cover.

The shafts are made of fibre-reinforced concrete. It has durable angle housing made of stainless steel.

Hauraton SPORTFIX type W distribution shaft, 600x600x300 mm [Code number: 7460]

Article: 7460

Hauraton SPORTFIX Stacking element, 600x600x275 mm [Code number: 7400]

Article: 7400

Hauraton SPORTFIX type E distribution shaft, 600x600x588 mm [Code number: 7450]

Article: 7450

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