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Hauraton service channels for stadiums and sport facilities

Hauraton service channels are designed for stadiums and sport facilities, they can be used in industrial applications. It makes to lay on the facility of temporary or permanent cables easy and safe.

There is a removable cast iron cover which is fastened with bolts (8 pcs/m). Class E 600.

The channels  are made of high-strength polypropylene. Also the channels have galvanised ductile iron angle housing.

Hauraton RECYFIX SERVICE channel, type 010, 1000x390x416 mm [Code number: 40900]

Article: 40900

Hauraton SPORTFIX End cap for sand traps [Code number: 7248]

Article: 7248
Цена: 2 611 rub

Hauraton RECYFIX SERVICE channel, type 01, 1000x150x134 mm [Code number: 48000]

Article: 48000
Цена: 560 rub

Hauraton RECYFIX SERVICE Channel, type 010, 1000x150x185 mm [Code number: 40242]

Article: 40242
Цена: 1 811 rub

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