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Glue and primer

Glue for PVC pipes is used in the installation of pipelines for various purposes and provides a seamless connection of pipes and fittings. Glue homogeneous, has the expressed smell.

For work, the minimum of tools is required:

  • pipe cutter (you can use a fine-toothed hacksaw instead);
  • beveler;
  • scraper, with which burrs are removed, and the surface in the cut area is made glossy.

Also included in the group of products is a degreaser - it is applied to the treated surface of the pipe before applying the glue. It removes dirt, dust and water.

Photo Name Article Price
COMER Glue for PVC Tangit PVC-U (1 kg) [Code number: 1042720]
1042720 2 554 rub
COMER Glue Weld-On 724 CPVC, 473 ml, orange [Code number: 15539]
15539 1 212 rub
COMER Cleaner Weld-On P-70 Primer, PVC-U/ХPVC, transparent, 473 ml [Code number: 15551]
15551 962 rub
COMER Glue for PVC Tangit PVC-U (125g) [Code number: 1643003]
1643003 480 rub
COMER Glue for PVC Tangit PVC-U (250g) [Code number: 794596]
794596 936 rub
COMER Glue for PVC Tangit PVC-U, 500 ml (with a brush) [Code number: 794959]
794959 1 548 rub
COMER Cleaner (degreaser) Tangit for PVC, ХPVC (1l) [Code number: 794961]
794961 1 296 rub

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