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Welding machine Monomatic and other tools for electro-welded coupling

Welding machine Monomatic is used for installation of electro-welded fittings - assembly is carried out using two welding contacts with different colors (black and red). The welding machine operates automatically, and it has self-installing parameters for electrofusion welding of fittings.

Menu of welding machine translated into several languages. Display shows all malfunctions. The welding machine is running on AC power of 230 W. Also the welding machine is available in complete with optional equipment: universal brush, cleaning agents etc.

Also this group of products includes:

  • Cleaning wipes;
  • Cleaners;
  • Sets of universal clips;
  • Milling tool;
  • Handheld pipe scraper.
Photo Name Article Price
REHAU Monomatic welding machine for FUSAPEX electro-welded couplings [Code number: 12447621001 / 244 762 001]
12447621001 152 287 rub

Monomatic welding machine is used for the installation of Rehau polymer piping systems. Pipea are mounted by welding of FUSAPEX electro-welded couplings.

The machine is connected to alternating current of 230 V.

Diameters: fron 20 to 180 mm.

Weight: 20.0 kg.

REHAU RAUTOOL set for FUSAPEX electro-welded couplings [Code number: 12894551001 / 289 455 001]
12894551001 527 219 rub


  • For pipes made of cross-linked polyethylene

The set includes:

  • Rehau Monomatic tool;
  • Clamp for universal pipes 63 - 180 mm;
  • Tangit cleaner for polyethylene;
  • Cleaning wipes Tangit;
  • Tangit KS;
  • Tool for deburring 64 mm;
  • Universal brush for cleaning.

Weight: 43 kg.

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