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Battery tools of REHAU RAUTOOL

Battery tools of REHAU RAUTOOL are used for extension pipes and pulling mounting sleeves. It is used with pipes with diameters from 16 mm to 40 mm. This tool is characterized by presence LED bulb - it makes installation of pipeline easily even in dark or in inaccessible places. The tool can make of 80-100 connections depending on the diameter of pipeline.

Also this group of products includes a charging device and mains adapter.

Battery charger to the Rehau RAUTOOL A-light2 / A3 /E3 /G2 /Xpand [Code number: 203 609 001]

Article: 203_609_001
Цена: 13 316 rub

Spare battery charger 230V is intended for tools RAUTOOL A-light2 / A3 / E3 / G2 / Xpand. There is a plug EU, EN 50075 standard.

Rehau mains adapter for RAUTOOL А3, G2, A-light2, Xpand [Code number: 203 621 001]

Article: 203_621_001
Цена: 27 678 rub

Rehau mains adapter is designed for tools RAUTOOL А3, G2, A-light2, Xpand.

Rehau RAUTOOL A-light2 Kombi tool [Code number: 217 478 001]

Article: 217_478_001
Цена: 386 362 rub

The kit includes:

  • Tool RAUTOOL A-light2 Kombi;
  • Lithium-ion battery 18 V / 1.3 Ah;
  • Charging station;
  • Pipe cutters 40 stabil;
  • Lubricant;
  • Cleaning brush;
  • Transport case.

Small, light battery-hydraulic-powered installation tool RAUTOOL A-light2 Kombi is used for installation of REHAU pipes which are connected with compression sleeves. The tool weight with battery is only 9,00 kg.

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