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Manual tools of REHAU RAUTOOL

Manual tools of REHAU RAUTOOL are applied when installing piping systems. This group of products includes:

  • Mechanical expanders for expansion of polymer and metal-reinforced plastic pipes with diameters from 16 mm to 32 mm;
  • Cutters for cutting holes in covers baseboard heating systems RAUDUO and RAUSOLO;
  • Mechanical tools series K;
  • Mechanical tool M1;
  • Springs etc.
Photo Наименование Article Цена
REHAU Door spreader with pipe guide [Code number: 11040271001 / 104 027 001]
11040271001 28 479 rub


  • For pipes made of cross-linked polyethylene

Door spreader is used for the installation of heating pipes as a guide. It can be installed in the doorways. The width of the dilution can be infinitely adjustable from 570 mm to 960 mm.

It comes in a cardboard box.

Weight: 1 kg.

REHAU RAUTOOL Milling cutter for cutting upper layer of pipe, d 50 - 160 [Code number: 12221281001 / 222 128 001]
12221281001 88 863 rub


  • For pipes made of cross-linked polyethylene

Rehau Milling cutter is used to remove burrs and other irregularities from the Rehau cross-linked pipes before the start of welding with the FUSAPEX electro-welded couplings. It provides high tightness of joints.

It is suitable for pipes with diameters from 50 to 160 mm.

Weight: 4 kg.

REHAU RAUTOOL driven rod for milling cutter 12 mm, with square end and thread, 1/2" [Code number: 12223141001 / 222 314 001]
12223141001 1 244 rub

Rehau driven rod has a four-sided end, it is equipped with 1/2" thread. For milling cutter 12 mm.

You can see the appearance of the driven rod in the photo.

Weight: 0,266 kg.

REHAU Scraper for stripping pipes with width 54 mm [Code number: 12465441001 / 246 544 001]
12465441001 1 875 rub

Scraper it is an indispensable tool for the installation of polymer pipes. It is used for removing the polyethylene film from the Rehau pipes before welding using electro-welded couplings.

You can see the appearance of the scraper in the photo.

Blade width: 64 mm.

Weight: 0,126 kg.

REHAU Unwinding device for cold laying [Code number: 12861511002 / 286 151 002]
12861511002 50 965 rub


  • For pipes made of cross-linked polyethylene

Unwinding device with horizontal untwisting of pipes is used for "cold" mounting of Rehau pipes with diameters from 12 to 20 mm with a length of coils equal to 600 m or less than.

It is compact, can be used on construction sites of various sizes.

Weight: 12,5 kg.

REHAU pipe cutter for RAUTITAN stabil pipes (colour: white), d 16-40 [Code number: 13152421001 / 315 242 001]
13152421001 2 832 rub

Rehau pipe cutter is used for cutting of PE-X pipes up to size 40.

Weight: 0,430 kg.

You can see the appearance of the pipe cutter in the photo.

REHAU Temperature control kit Flex with thermostatic head, d 1" [Артикул: 13185101001 / 318 510 001]
13185101001 42 135 rub

Application area:

  • For XLPE pipes

The kit is suitable for:

  • Extending an existing radiator heating system with underfloor heating;
  • Regulation of the desired temperature.


  • Pump pressure up to 8 bar;
  • There are bypass and check valves;
  • The air outlet valve is located at the top;
  • The maximum temperature at the thermostatic head is + 55 °C.

The kit can be connected to a flat seal manifold. Installation is possible both on the left and on the right.

Weight: 5.5 kg.

REHAU Flex temperature control kit with servo drive, d 1" [Артикул: 13185201001 / 318 520 001]

Application area:

  • For XLPE pipes

The kit is suitable for:

  • Extending an existing radiator heating system with underfloor heating;
  • Regulation of the desired temperature.


  • The flow temperature is controlled by a 0-10V control signal from the controller (eg NEA SMART 2.0);
  • The serving temperature can be adjusted;
  • Mounted on the manifold both left and right;
  • The flow temperature sensor of the control device is connected to the metal element of the secondary circuit.

The kit can be connected to a flat seal manifold.

Weight: 5.5 kg.

REHAU UNI Thermo-electric actuator, 24V, cable length 1 m [Code number: 13202761001 / 320 276 001]
13202761001 2 613 rub

UNI Thermo-electric actuator is used for precise temperature control in underfloor heating or cooling systems.

It is installed on the manifold valves using the adapter for the valve and button.

It is equipped with an indicator for monitoring the position of the valve.

Connecting wires; 2 x 0.5 mm2 (length 1 m).

Weight;: 0,13 kg.

Power: 24 V.

Rehau Pipe stripping tool, d 63-200 (price on request) [Артикул: 13230361001 / 323 036 001]

Purpose of use:

  • To remove the plastic film
  • For mounting pipes with electrofusion couplings

Size: DN 63-200

Weight: 4.4 kg.

[NO LONGER PRODUCED] - REHAU RAUTOOL expansion set for pipes Flex/Pink, d 16-32 [Code number: 11372831001 / 137 283 001]

Attention! The article is discontinued!

This expansion set is used for the expansion of the plastic pipes when installing Rehau piping systems.

The set includes:

  • Expander heads which are suitable for pipes 16x2,2 / 20x2,8 / 25x3,5 / 32x4,4;
  • Set of compression jaws 16/20.

Weight: 1,350 kg.

[CODE NUMBER CHANGED TO 13185101001] - REHAU RAUTOOL temperature control set with constant parameters, d 1" [Code number: 13185451001 / 318 545 001]
13185451001 42 135 rub


  • For pipes made of cross-linked polyethylene

Set is suitable for:

  • Extensions of the existing radiator heating system with floor heating;
  • Adjust the desired temperature.

The set can be connected to a collector with a flat seal. Mounting is possible on both the left and right sides.

Weight: 5,5 kg. 

[NO LONGER PRODUCED] - REHAU RAUTOOL K 12 [Code number: 12445011001 / 244 501 001]
Attention! The article is discontinued!

Small and convenient installation tool Rehau RAUTOOL K 12 is used when the installation of heating and cooling systems.

The kit includes:

  • RAUTOOL K 12;
  • REHAU 25 pipe cutter;
  • Transport case;
  • Operating Instructions.

Weight: 2,325 kg.

[DISCONTINUED FROM PRODUCTION] - REHAU RAUTOOL М-light [Code number: 12036011001 / 203 601 001]
12036011001 23 875 rub

Mechanical assembly tool RAUTOOL M-light is used for installation of REHAU pipes and fittings pipe which is based on the use of compression sleeves. It is suitable for pipes with diameters of 16-40 mm.

The basic kit includes:

  • RAUTOOL M-light;
  • Operating instruction.
REHAU RAUTOOL K 14 [Code number: 12446211001 / 244 621 001]
12446211001 17 338 rub

Installation tool Rehau Rautool K14 is used for pulling compression sleeves on the Rehau pipes which are made of crossed linked polyethylene. For the pipes 14x1,5 mm.

The advantages of the Rautool K 14:

  • Compactness;
  • The tool can be used both for compression and expansion;
  • Easy to use;
  • Save time and money;
  • Tool need no maintenance.

The kit of Rautool K14 includes:

  • Combined tool for compression and expansion;
  • Pipe cutter 25;
  • The transportation container;
  • Manual.
REHAU RAUTOOL K 10 [Code number: 12283961001 / 228 396 001]
12283961001 11 997 rub

Manual installation tool Rehau Rautool K10 is used when installing REHAU piping systems, connected with using compression sleeves. The tool allows installing pipes with diameter of 10x1,1 mm.

Rautool K10 is characterized by ease, simplicity, convenience and compactness, it does not require maintenance. Rehau Rautool K10 saves money and time because it can be used not only for expansion the pipe but also for compression.

The set includes:

  • Pipe cutter 25;
  • Rautool K10;
  • The transportation container;
  • Manual.
Kit RAUTOOL М1 [Code number: 11377641005 / 137 764 005]
11377641005 75 341 rub

Rehau RAUTOOL M1 is installation tool which is used for installation of REHAU heating and water pipes connected using compression sleeves. RAUTOOL M1 is suitable for pipe sizes: 16-40 mm.

The advantages of RAUTOOL M1:

  • The use double compression jaws, 2 pipe sizes may be processed without changing of tool;
  • Compact construction allows the installation of the pipeline in any condition;
  • Tool Rehau RAUTOOL M1 saves time;
  • Reliability and durability;
  • The tool does not require maintenance;
  • Easy to operate;
  • Attractive price.

The kit of RAUTOOL M1 includes:

  • 2 anchor pins;
  • Pipe cutter 40 Stabil;
  • Expander RO;
  • Brush for clearing the tool;
  • A tube with lubricant;
  • The transportation container;
  • User's manual.

If necessary, kit of RAUTOOL M1 can be complemented with the following devices:

  • Replaceable sets of M1;
  • Compression jaws (single or double);
  • Pipe benders for RAUTITAN Stabil pipes;
  • Expander heads;
  • Pipe cutters.
[NO LONGER PRODUCED] - REHAU RAUTOOL Expander tool RO [Code number: 11395921001 / 139 592 001]

Expander tool RO is designed for expansion the REHAU plastic pipes, and it is a part of the manual tool Rautool M1 which is designed for installation of piping systems.

The expander tool is made of durable material, so it is resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage. The connection is screw, the expander tool is suitable for use RO expander heads.

REHAU RAUTOOL Manual expander tool QC [Code number: 12141761001 / 214 176 001]
12141761001 10 403 rub

Manual expander tool Quick Change allows to make the expansion of plastic pipes with diameters from 16 to 32 mm. The expander tool is used expander heads Quick Change for expansion the pipes. If necessary, the new generation of REHAU expander tool can be used with the previous generation expander heads RO.

The new expander tool Quick Change has many advantages:

  • Expander heads allows to quickly change the diameters;
  • Expander is compatible with the previous generation of expander heads;
  • Expander heads Quick Change have longitudinal surface corrugation, also they vary by color, so that you can identify expander head which is suitable for the pipe immediately.
[DISCONTINUED FROM PRODUCTION] - REHAU pipe grippers [Code number: 11372341001 / 137 234 001]
11372341001 168 rub

Rehau pipe grippers are used when installing the REHAU pipes, the pipe grippers can be used with pipes DN16/17/20. It can be used with corrugated pipe.

The pipe gripper allows to push the pipe insulation at the joint, which simplifies installation greatly.

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