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OGNEZA Fireproof sound insulation sleeve, d 110/100 [Code number: pgz_110_100]

Article: pgz_110_100
Price: 2 400 rub

Attention! New requirements of JV 30.13330.2016 for the protection of plastic pipes are mandatory from the summer of 2019.

The passage of plastic pipes through ceilings in residential and office buildings should include:

  • soundproofing;
  • fire protection;
  • sealing.

OGNEZA-PGZ is a complex product for fire protection of plastic pipes. It consists of a split metal body, a thermally expanding material, a soundproofing layer of mineral wool and a fireproof sealant for waterproofing.


  • There are no analogues
  • Easy installation in 3 movements
  • It is possible to manufacture for any thickness of coatings
  • All standard sizes
  • Fire resistance EI 180
  • Reduces noise by at least 30 dB

Size: 110/100 mm.

Installation instructions

Download product installation manual: OGNEZA Fireproof sound insulation sleeve OGNEZA Fireproof sound insulation sleeve