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OGNEZA Fire collar, lock type "Light", gray, d 16 (price on request) [Code number: pm_16]

Article: pm_16

Application purpose:

  • For pipeline communications made of combustible plastic materials (PP, PE, PVC)
  • For residential (including multi-apartment) buildings, hotels and hostels, social and medical institutions, shopping centers, airports and railway stations, industrial enterprises, etc
  • To protect premises from fire and smoke


  • The case is detachable, there is a tie-lock, so that the fire coupling can be used on already installed pipelines;
  • Metal parts are powder coated for corrosion protection;
  • Swelling ratio: not less than 900%;
  • Product color: gray;
  • Lock type: Light;
  • Fire resistance limit: 180 minutes;
  • Service life: 30 years.

Operating principle:

During a fire, the thermally expanding liner of the fire muff expands tenfold, resulting in the formation of a solid foam-coke foam that fills the hole in the ceiling. This is quite effective at blocking fire.

Installation method

PM structure


  • The case is a metal cuff and is made of cold-rolled or galvanized steel (thickness from 0.5 to 2 mm). Painted with weatherproof paint.
  • The case is connected using a reliable Russian-made latch made of galvanized steel.
  • The fire-retardant liner is located inside the coupling, held by the cloves bent inward. They also provide directional expansion of the fire retardant liner during a fire.
  • The eyelets with holes can be easily bent. Their length is 35 mm, which simplifies installation.
Size Inner diameter Height Outside diameter Insert thickness Weight
  mm mm mm mm kg
PM-16 16 50 29 4 0,055

Download installation instruction: OGNEZA Fire collar OGNEZA Fire collar