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Fittings SL-RAUTITAN for REHAU baseboard heating systems

SL-fittings are used for connection the RAUTITAN  pipes to radiators from the skirting.

All fittings SL are divided into several types:

  • Skirting cross fittings which are designed for pipes with diameters of 16 and 20 mm. They are connected to the to valve-regulated radiator with distance between centres of 50 mm, and alternating connection of compact radiators by separating the tee pieces. They are made of brass, surface is nickel plated. Also you can connect radiators with small building depth - the distance from wall ato centre of radiator connection must be at least 50 mm;
  • Straight and L-shaped connecting pipes which can be used with telescopic corner screw joint set and the skirting cross fitting RAUTITAN. The connecting pipes are made of copper, surface is nickel plated. The delivered length of the straight connecting pipes is 1000 mm, the length of the L-shaped pipes is 90 x 125 mm;
  • T-pieces SL;
  • Couplings SL;
  • Reducers SL;
  • Elbows SL;
  • Caps SL;

The T-pieces, couplings, reducers, elbows and caps are made of brass according to DIN EN 12164, DIN EN12165, DIN EN 12168 and they are supplied with compression sleeve joints.

Also the group of products includes heating pipe brackets which clip of pipes in the RAUSOLO and RAUDUO system. The heating pipe brackets are made of PA6/GF30.

Photo Name Article Price
[DISCONTINUED FROM PRODUCTION] - REHAU L-connection pipe, length 90х125 mm, d 12*1,0 [Code number: 12405971001 / 240 597 001]

Rehau RAUTITAN L-connection pipe is used in radiator connection systems skirtings RAUDUO and RAUSOLO. It is connected radiators to SL cross with thermostatic valves or stop valves.

Material: copper.

The surface of the L-connection pipe is nickel-plated.

Size Length Weight
mm mm kg/pc
12 x 1,0 90 x 125 0,093

Download the installation instructions of product: Installation procedure for RAUTITAN radiator bend RAUTITAN radiator bend

[DISCONTINUED FROM PRODUCTION] - REHAU SL cross with femal thread, Rp1/2" - Rp3/8" - Rp1/2" [Code number: 12405771002 / 240 577 002]

Rehau RAUTITAN SL-cross with standard size Rp1/2"- Rp3/8" (DN10) - Rp1/2" is designed for connection the pipes to the heating appliance in the middle or right side. Distance between centres is 50 mm. It is suitable for RAUSOLO and RAUDUO systems.

It can be used with REHAU RAUTITAN stabil pipes 16.2 x 2.6 mm or 20 x 2.9 mm.

The package includes:

  • Cutting ring;
  • Union nuts;
  • Pipe inserts.

Comes in a box.

Size SW Weight
Rp 1/2-12-Rp 1/2 17 0,420

SW - size wrench.

Download the installation instructions of product: Installation of system skirtings SL cross with femal thread

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