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RosTurPlast GAMMA valve boxes

RosTurPlast GAMMA valve boxes are special boxes with the help of which fittings are hidden underground, while maintaining access to them.

They are made of high-quality plastic, which makes them resistant to high loads, as well as chemical and corrosion resistance.

On the cover of the valve box there are special holes, which provide quick and convenient opening without the use of special tools.

Photo Name Article Price
RTP GAMMA Valve boxes, d - 10" [Code number: 36760]
36760 1 267 rub

Purpose of application:

  • For domestic and drinking water supply
  • For hiding fittings, hydraulic sockets and other equipment
  • For quick revision access to the GAMMA system
  • For automatic irrigation systems


  • Can withstand high loads;
  • Made of high quality plastic;
  • Fast and convenient opening of the lid is provided by special holes - the use of an additional tool is not required;
  • Aesthetic appearance;
  • Service life: 50 years.

Hole diameter: 52mm.

RTP GAMMA Valve boxes, d - 6" [Code number: 36761]
36761 661 rub

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