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Aquaviva Accessories

The product group includes:

  • glue for pipeline installation;
  • hose fittings;
  • tank adapters;
  • fixings with dowel;
  • clamps with lock
Photo Name Article Price
Aquaviva Hose fitting, adhesive, PVC-U, d - 20, PN16 (Russia) [Code number: 1w0240 / HSE0200]
1w0240 31 rub
Aquaviva Glue L-6023 for PVC pipes, 237 ml (Bailey) [Code number: 1w0609 / 019664]
1w0609 437 rub
Aquaviva Cleaner (Primer), 473 ml (Bailey) [Code number: 1w0612 / 018461]
1w0612 789 rub
Aquaviva Glue L-5023, 946ml, for large diameters of PVC pipes (Bailey) [Code number: 1w0922 / 018458]
1w0922 1 628 rub
Aquaviva Glue L-6023, 473ml, for PVC pipes (Bailey) [Code number: 1w0923 / 018460]
1w0923 793 rub
Aquaviva Glue L-6023, 946ml, for PVC pipes (Bailey) [Code number: 1w0924 / 018459]
1w0924 1 476 rub
[NO LONGER PRODUCED] - Aquaviva Cleaner (Primer) P-1050 for pipes, 946 ml (Bailey) [Code number: 1w0591 / 018462]
1w0591 1 259 rub

Application purpose:

  • For cleaning PVC fittings and pipes before bonding
  • For PVC, CPVC and ABS pipes and fittings
  • For any diameter


  • Enhances the effectiveness of PVC adhesive;
  • Reduces the likelihood of condensation;
  • Provides optimal gluing results;
  • Color: purple (this color makes it easier to identify the treated surfaces);
  • Boiling point in the range from +57°С to +67°С;
  • Ignition temperature: +321°С;
  • UEL viscosity percentage: 11.8%;
  • The purifier should be stored in a well-ventilated area, outdoor storage at temperatures from +5°C to +44°C is also allowed, away from direct sunlight;
  • Use only outdoors or in rooms with good ventilation;
  • The primer must not enter the sewer system!

Volume: 946 ml.


Product instruction manual: 1w0576 Aquaviva Cleaner (Primer) P-1050

[NO LONGER PRODUCED] - Aquaviva Glue L-6023, 118 ml (Bailey) [Code number: 1w0608 / 019665]
1w0608 282 rub
[NO LONGER PRODUCED] - Aquaviva Cleaner (Primer) P-1050 for pipes, 237 ml (Bailey) [Code number: 1w0611 / 026311]
1w0611 455 rub

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