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Wavin Future K1 SmartFIX elbow 90° with thread, d 16 [Code number: 25504093]

Article: 25504093
Цена: 337 rub

Application purposes:

  • Water supply systems, central and floor heating


Wavin SmartFix elbow with thread is ​​used for the installation of water and heating systems.

Wavin SmartFix multilayer system is an environmentally friendly pipeline system, it can be used instead of copper pipes. SmartFix fittings provide the fastest connection to pipes. It can be used only in conjunction with Tigris pipes.

Main features of Wavin SmartFix:

  • Quick and easy installation which does not require the use of special equipment - only a calibrator;
  • Resistance to corrosion;
  • Strength and reliability.

Dimension: DN16