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Pam Global brand products

Cast iron pipes for drainage system: Pam Global brand products

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The "Inrusstreyd" Company supplies socketless cast iron pipes from the best manufacturers of ductile iron the SAINT-GOBAIN PAM Group. Among our customers are big companies, organizations, enterprises and institutions, as well as housing and private persons which appreciate comfortable living and working conditions.

Socketless cast iron drainage system

The modern socketless cast iron drainage system is an excellent alternative to traditional push-fit systems which are used for centuries. The growing popularity of  the cast iron drainage system is due to:

  • reliability;
  • durability;
  • resistance to aggressive environment, dynamic loads and corrosion.

cast iron pipes for drainage system

The cast iron drainage system consist of pipes, fittings, couplings and other elements that are easily installed and joined together. They are installed in all climatic conditions.

Socketless cast iron pipes: advantages and features

Advantages of the Pam Global products are caused by the quality of materials and the high level of production:

  • Fire protection. Cast iron is one of the fireproof material which does not evolve toxic products when its heated.
  • High acoustic characteristics. The products conform to the international standard DIN 4109.
  • Mechanical properties. Cast iron is produced by the technology de Lavaux, so that it is characterized by high resistance to shock and pressure.
  • Low thermal expansion. Cast iron has low thermal expansion (coefficient of - 0.01 mm/m/°C). Cast iron pipes can be concreted without additional thermal expansion joints or special fixation.
  • Chemical resistance. PAM special coating protects the cast iron against chemical species.
  • Blocking elements and their compatibility. Drainage pipes and fittings, manufactured by PAM technology, are flexible, the system easy to upgrade without cutting into the inlet pipe.
  • Ease of installation and maintenance. The mounting of the system make with using conventional tools. Special couplung provide tightness of the pipeline.
  • Long service life. Average service life of cast iron is more than 50 years. When operating under normal conditions, it is ideal for the creation of hidden and embedded systems.
  • Ecological peculiarities. Products of this brand are made of metal scrap, it saves natural resources and clean up the environment from waste. Upon expiration of service life it can be recycled, so that you can save on disposal.

About the PAM-GLOBAL products: accordance with international standards

The official website of the manufacturer provides information about accordance of the products with all European and international standards.

  • Marking the finished products is performed in accordance with EN 877.
  • The raw material - cast iron - conforms with EN 1561.
  • Sound insulation properties conform with DIN 4109 standard.
  • Environmental figures note in the ISO 14001 certificate.

Now the plant produces SML and KML systems for derivation of corrosive wastewater. You can buy the products at producer price on our website.