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Mounting equipment rent

The company "Inrusstrade" offers its customers an assembly tool for rent. This service will reduce costs during pipeline installation.

The advantages of renting tools:

  • high capital investments are not required - in the case of equipment rental, you spend less money and only when certain works are required;
  • no need to maintain a tool - the lessor thinks about maintenance, not the lessee;
  • there are no storage costs - if installation work is not carried out constantly, then the tool needs to be stored somewhere, and when renting, there is no need to think over and calculate options for storing equipment;
  • the opportunity to test the tool before buying - if you plan to purchase expensive mounting equipment, it is better to test it in operation before buying and only after that decide whether it is worth buying.

Tool rental is carried out for various periods and at very competitive prices.

We offer the following types of assembly tools for rental:

  • pipe cutters of various brands (Exact, PCS, Wavin, Geberit, etc.);
  • welders;
  • press tools Geberit, Wavin, Rehau, Novopress etc;
  • facers;
  • pipe bending tools and other tools.
Cutter Exact
Benches for cutting
PCS pipe cutters
Wavin Quick Stream Tool
Wavin Future K1 (Alupex) Tool
Wavin Ekoplastik Tool
Silent-db20/PE Tools
Mapress Tools
Volex Tools
Manual tools
Battery tools
Hydraulic tools
Electro-welded couplings
Pipe cutters
Tools for PP systems
Press tool
Pipe cutters
Welding machines
Novopress Press tools
Press tools
Pipe cutters
Pipe reel
Bending tools