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Using system skiкting

General information about the use of skirting systems

Area of application

System skiкtingUsually skirting trunking RAUSOLO for connecting heating devices is used for subsequent heating installation in the refurbishment of residential and commercial rooms, if the pipes can not be mounted in screed or in stitches.

Skirting trunking RAUDUO can be used also for laying of electrical and data cables.

For skirting trunking only the universal pipe RAUTITAN stabil and skirting fitting sets RAUTITAN are used for the radiator connection from the skirting in sizes 16 and 20.

System overview of the skirting system


General notes on the skirting trunking

During the heating phases, RAUSOLO and RAUDUO skirting systems are subject to heavy fluctuations in the temperature and thereby are also subject to the corresponding changes in length. Under this influence, small expansion noises can sometimes occur, particularly if the pipes laid, for example, at the wall and ceiling duct area, are under stress.

If the skirting system is mounted in the radiator niche, it is necessary to observe the minimum distance between two compression sleeve fittings - it is equal to 3 lengths of the compression sleeve. The minimum depth of the radiator niche is therefore 130 mm.


To clean the decor surfaces of skirting trunking, use common household detergent (e.g. neutral detergent).

Important! The decor surfaces should not be cleaned with cleaning agents that can soften the surface (such as various solvents) or cleaning agents with solid particles that cause surface wear.


Connecting of REHAU pipes to the radiators from the skirting