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Skirting trunking system RAUSOLO

Overview of skirting trunking system RAUSOLO

Skirting trunking system RAUSOLOSkirting trunking:

- Two-part, cover and base;

- Clip together without tools;

- Covers coated with decor film;

- Transparent sealing lip to the wall and to the floor;

- Simple, clip-on skirting fittings;

- Radiator connection from the skirting with the universal pipe RAUTITAN stabil in sizes 16 and 20;

- Decorative designs (Pure white, similar to RAL 9010, and Light beech, and Maple).

Skirting trunking system RAUSOLO without coverОсновные преимущества:

- Small space requirement (depth 40 mm, height 70 mm);

- Heating pipes fastened without tools into the base with heating pipe brackets;

- Sealing lips compensate slight unevenness of the walls;

- Skirting cross fitting RAUTITAN can be fastened in the base;

- Extensive accessories for radiator connection;

- Connection to all common radiator types;

- Notching pliers for precise cutting of the skirting trunking covers.