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Skirting trunking system RAUDUO

Overview of skirting trunking system RAUDUO

Система плинтусных каналов RAUDUO- Skirting trunking:

     - Two-part, cover and base;

     - Can be fitted together without tools, to clip in;

- Sealing lips:

     - With white sealing lips to the wall and floor;

     - Optional version without sealing lips;

Смонтированный плинтусный канал RAUDUO- Simple, clip-on skirting fittings;

- Additional routing for electrical and data cables;

     - Base with two separate chambers, thermally isolated from the heating pipes;

    - Upper chamber occupied by, for example, two data cables (diameter 8 mm, 6x2x0.6);

    - Lower chamber occupied by NYM cable 3 x 1.5 mm2 (2 pcs) or NYM cable with 5 x 2.5 mm2;

Фасонные части RAUDUO- Radiator connection from the skirting with the universal pipe RAUTITAN stabil in sizes 16 and 20;

- Surfaces of the elements is pure white, similar to RAL 9010.

When installing the RAUDUO skirting trunking base, ensure that the trunking base is cut to mitre where the direction changes (inside corner, outside corner) to avoid an inadmissible increase in the temperature (> 30 °C) in the electrical chamber.

Small gaps can be closed with silicone sealing compound.

The main advantages of skirting trunking system RAUDUO:

  • Small space requirement (depth 40 mm, height 105 mm);
  • Heating pipes fastened without tools into the base with heating pipe brackets;
  • Sealing lips compensate slight unevenness on the wall and floor;
  • Skirting cross fitting RAUTITAN can be fastened in the base;
  • Complete range of accessories for radiator connection;
  • Connection to all common radiator types;
  • No reduction in the fuse values necessary (VDE info test);
  • Notching pliers for precise cutting of the skirting trunking covers.