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Safety direction during construction of high-rise buildings

Building of skyscrapers - this is not a fad of recent years, this is the urgent need to efficiently use free plots of land which are becoming fewer and fewer. Any experienced builder knows that safety direction should be given a lot of attention during the construction of high-rise buildings.

Self-elevating cranes and passenger and freight elevators are used when constructing multi-storey buildings traditionally. This technique is easy to mount at the beginning of work and dismount at the end of work. But working with such equipment requires attention and experienced staff.

When choosing a construction site, first you need to explore all the geotechnical conditions. You need to determine does the construction site is appropriate for the construction, because the designing of high-rise buildings is responsible and time-consuming process. Safety depends on groundwater and atmospheric features, and seismicity, and wind forces.

Aside from safety of workers during the building, it is important to ensure the safety future tenants. So, it is necessary to organize evacuation routes, duplicate the life support system and monitor all systems and equipment. Also fireproof and  anti-terrorist activities are important.

When installation engineering networks and communications, you should think about how to best protect the residents and visitors of the future building against unforeseen emergencies. For this builders use cast iron non-pressure pipes when installation of sewerage systems. The cast iron pipes proved themselves with the best hand and showed themselves in critical situations adequately. The experience with this pipes revealed positive aspects such as: sealing of joints, durability, high sound insulation. They are resistance to corrosion and fire. Modern cast iron is a high strength material and it can serve for a long time without repair or replacement. Even those who decided to use pipes of the newer ones materials will eventually return to the cast iron products from the "Inrusstreyd" Company.