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Wavin pipes

The Inrusstrade company sells Wavin pipes which are made of PP and PVC and can be used for the installation of sewer networks, heating pipes, water supply systems, storm sewers.

Wavin pipes assortment

The Wavin company produces several series of pipeline systems, consisting not only of pipes but also a variety of shaped parts.

  • Wavin Asto is a plastic pipe with good sound insulation properties. Differs in low weight, environmental friendliness, resistance to chemical influence.
  • Wavin Optima - pipes and fittings are made of PVC and are highly resistant to corrosion. It can be operated at a temperature of effluent up to + 60 °С (withstand a short-term increase in temperature up to + 95 °С).
  • Wavin X-Stream - sewage system for laying in the ground with minimal wear, fully sealed and durable.
  • Wavin ML is a sewage / water drainage system made of nPVH, which is suitable for operation at a constant temperature of drains up to + 60 °С.
  • Wavin QuickStream is a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) system that is resistant to abrasion and mechanical stress. The pipes are resistant to UV light and are stable at high and low temperatures.
  • Wavin Future K1 - this system consists of multilayer pipes and press-fittings, characterized by simple, convenient and most reliable installation.
  • Wavin SiTech+ - sewage system, characterized by a high level of sound insulation, which makes it ideal for installation in residential premises.
  • Pressure system - is is made of PVC, which makes the pipeline resistant to chemical and alkaline substances, as well as to corrosion..
  • Drainage system consists of drainage corrugated pipes with perforations and special shaped parts.

All these series are presented in our Wavin catalog of pipes - you can start exploring Wavin products by clicking on the links below:


Wavin products have many advantages:

  • high standard qualities;
  • duration of operation;
  • reliability;
  • complex provision with shaped parts of whole systems;
  • quick and easy installation;
  • profitability.

One of the main advantages of this product can be confidently called its economy, but the prices for Wavin pipes can differ quite significantly. In the table below, we collected a small portion of Wavin pipe products:

Title Application Price, Euro
Wavin AS+ Pipe with socket, PP, d 110, length 1 m Domestic sewage 25.212
Wavin AS+ Pipe with socket, PP, d 160, length 3 m Domestic sewage 108.624
Wavin Optima PVC pipe with socket and seal ring, length 0,5 m, d 50x2,5 Domestic sewage 2.184
Wavin X-Stream pipe witout socket, PP, S class, length 6 m, d 400 Outdoor sewage 354.372
Wavin ML socket pipe, PVC, N class, length 2 m, d 200x4.9 Outdoor sewage 34.752
Wavin drain-pipe, corrugated, with installed coupler (2,5 x 5 holes mm), length 50 m, d 145/160 Drainage system 8.23
Wavin drain-pipe in protective tube, with coupling, with geotextile filter, cost of 1 m, length 50 m, d 65/75 Drainage system 5.59
Wavin PVC Pressure Pipe systems Pipe Sigma 100, PN 6, length 6 m, d 90x2,7 Outdoor sewage 58.5
Wavin SiTech+ Socketed pipe made of PP, length 1 m, d 110x3.6 Domestic sewage 15.312


You can buy Wavin pipes from us - just contact our managers for this and they will help you to choose products that meet your needs. You can also do it yourself - download the price for Wavin pipes on the Price and Certificates page or browse our catalog.

We can deliver the ordered products to the specified address - in Moscow we deliver by our own transport, and for shipment to the regions of Russia we use proven and reliable transport companies.