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Geberit valves: varieties

Geberit valves: varieties

The Geberit Company produces two types of valves:

Inlet valves

The inlet valve is part of the installation of Toilets and it is designed to set the water in the flushing cistern to a certain level.

The company produces various models of the inlet valves and flushing mechanisms, which are suitable also for old models of flushing cisterns which are produced since 1964.

Air admittance valves

The air admittance valves are used for removing the sewage vapors from the premises.

The air admittance valve is a special device that automatically blocks sewage evaporation, not allowing them to enter the premises. The locking mechanism reacts to changes in pressure in the pipes - after discharge of effluents into the drainage system, the pressure decreases and the valve opens slightly, and when the pressure increases, the stem drops and the air admittance valve retunes to its original position. Thanks to this mechanism, all unpleasant smells remain in the drainage system.

Foir installation the air admittance valve is screwed into the pipeline.

Want to buy?

In our catalog you can buy various models of Geberit valves, which are made from high quality polypropylene, reinforced with minerals.

HDPE air admittance valve
HDPE air admittance valves
Silent-db20 valves
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